Kate Santon

writer • editor • copywriter


Words are important. In fact, they’re critical: how you communicate reveals everything about your business. That’s why the words need to be right – and that’s where my skills and experience come in.

Making the words work

Getting the words right isn’t just a question of making sure there are no howlers or logical gaps, no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors – though these are all important too (there are some gems on this website’s blog). It’s a specific skill.

Gaining and retaining customers is essential to all businesses, and the words you use are vital.

They create the right impression and determine how people will view your business. That might be through a press release, a catalogue, the use of social media or getting your website to do exactly what you want. I’ve written all sorts of copy: catalogues, advance information sheets, press releases, ads, annual reports…

When you use me, you’re not just buying my expertise and skills. You’re buying time to run your business. And if you’re still asking yourself why you should use me, check this out.