Kate Santon

writer • editor • copywriter


I’ve been a copyeditor and editor in the publishing industry since 1996. I have also worked away from publishing: editing company training manuals, for instance, or website text. Editing is always best done by someone from outside.¬†It’s almost impossible to be objective about your own work or pick up all your own errors.

From marmalade to management

I have worked with authors from many different fields Рfrom government to the perfume industry, from top restaurants to lawyers working against the death penalty in the US.

I’ve edited recipes from Michelin-starred chefs so they work in a normal kitchen and made sure that anyone following the instructions in a book on adventure sports would survive. I’ve even managed to prevent business authors from writing entirely in jargon.

I’m at home editing almost any form of narrative non-fiction, though I do specialise in food, history and business.

I edit at all levels – from minimal intervention to complete rewrites – and am committed to achieving the best outcome for my clients, whatever the circumstances. And at coming in on deadline!